Yoshie Moriuchi

【A3ポスター】 シリコンバレーの柴犬達(Shiba dogs working in Silicon Valley)



【Work introduction】
Silicon Valley is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area.
The painting depicts Shiba Inu, a designer and engineer working in Silicon Valley.
Some Shiba Inu start a business with a service they developed themselves, while others work for IT-related companies.
A house with a pool where ideas, information, and kind-hearted Shiba Inu gather is perfect for a Shiba Inu with a startup spirit.
Thanks to the Shiba Inu working in the server room on the second floor, everyone is connected to the network and can work.



・原画F30号サイズ (909mm×727mm)をA3サイズ(297mm×420mm)に印刷をしている商品です。








【Work introduction】
It is a forest atelier where 15 Shiba Inu are active.
The Shiba Inu surrounds the bonfire and talks loosely about art.
It is in a forest that is under development.
In the woods, 15 Shiba Inu dogs active in the atelier were found.

The developer said, "If you live with such a cute Shiba Inu, you can't develop it."
And development was discontinued.
The machine has stopped working and is now part of the forest.
Shiba Inu's art activities will continue.
It was good.

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