Yoshie Moriuchi

【A3ポスター】SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT (シバ ガーデン アパートメント)


【作品紹介】26匹の柴犬が集まる集合住宅「SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT 」を描きました。

SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT はインダストリアルな雰囲気がオシャレなレンガ造りのアパートメントです。






平和で自由、ゆるーい時間が流れるこの「SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT 」の4階は




・原画F30号サイズ (909mm×727mm)をA3サイズ(297mm×420mm)に印刷をしているため、作品の縦横比率上、ポスター下部部分の余白があり作品タイトルを記載しております。








I drew a collective housing "SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT" where 26 Shiba Inu gather.

SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT is a brick apartment with a stylish industrial atmosphere.

On the first floor of a 4-storey building without an elevator, there is a poster design company founded by Shiba Inu.
The graphic designers Shiba Inu loosely do their jobs.

The second floor is the home and office of freelance apparel designer Shiba Inu.
A pair of Shiba Inu who loves cute cloth designs and sew clothes.

The 3rd floor is a small child Shiba Inu art class.
Adult Shiba Inu teaches paintings to little Shiba Inu who are interested in art.
There are few children who are gentle.
The paintings on the first floor are the paintings by these children.

At the entrance, Shiba Inu, who received a letter from the postman Shiba Inu, looks very happy.

There are Shiba Inu sunbathing on the shared balcony.
Sunbathing is instinct for Shiba Inu!
I want you to spend a lot of sunlight and have a healthy life.

The 4th floor of this "SHIBA GARDEN APARTMENT" is peaceful, free and has a relaxing time
Since it is an empty tenant now, it is temporarily opened as a dog run.
We are looking for people who want to open a store or want to live.

P30, acrylic painting. Although it differs from the photo, it will be mailed with a temporary amount.

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